Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 10 – Barcelona – August 13th

Another fiasco getting off the boat, but we’re learning that this might be a product of the culture.  There’s no sense of urgency in Spain it seems.  This is something we should have known, but did not anticipate.  

We stood in the cue for a taxi for about a half hour watching as 6-8 taxis at a time loaded people and bags, then went on their way.  Then the taxi area would be empty while they radioed for another set of taxis.  It was amusing especially since we did not have to catch a flight.  I can just imagine how frustrating it was for the folks trying to make their flight times.

Soon we were able to board a cab and asked the driver to take us to Sagrada Familia. 

H-O-L-Y C-O-W this place was magnificent.  Ornate, gigantic, magnificent.  Unfortunately we were unable to go in, but we had a great time simply taking in the sight.  We walked around the church and looked at it from all angles and vowed to look up an extensive documentary about it when we got back home.

Then we went across the street to McDonalds because Shawn wanted to eat chicken nuggets in Europe, which made me laugh, so I happily obliged.  

After that we walked to Casa Amatller.  We had planned just to purchase some chocolate to take back home as gifts for everyone, but stayed for a tour of the house.  Super interesting and informative.  If you’re ever in Barcelona, this is a pretty cool stop.  They give you information about architecture, history and design about Barcelona simply by touring this house.  Both of us enjoyed it immensely.

Upon leaving Casa Amatller we were on a mission to find some good paella. Because what are the two things you need to have while in Spain?  Paella and tapas.  Shawn mapped a spot that had good reviews, but on our way there we stumbled upon an outdoor market where we purchased fresh juice.  Shawn had raspberry and I had blackberry banana.  Both were refreshing and amazing.  This seems like a ‘thing’ here – fresh juice.  I can see why, it was delicious.  

Interestingly enough, this outdoor market also had paella, cured meats, tons of cheeses, places to sit and have lunch, fruits and vegetables, among many other things.  Of course we had paella, which we split because it was so big.  On our way out we stopped by an olive stand that had these little travel cups of olives for 1 euro.  I had to stop in honor of my sister.  We share a love for all things briney, especially olives.  They were, by far, some of the best olives I’ve ever had.

A cab picked us up by chance and headed back to the ship.  The boat is now on its way to Cartegena.  I wonder what adventures will find us there?  A relaxing day, hopefully, but we’ll take what comes.  Adventures with Carol continue!!! 

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